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Application of Disinfectants and Antimicrobials

As viruses and microorganisms continue to evolve and become more resistant to certain cleaners, products and medication that fight them, it becomes more critical to protect your family and the general public’s health. Although there’s a variety of products available to assist you, ServiceMaster provides expertise to clean, disinfect and sanitize using the best products available today.

Surfaces, fabrics, carpets and building foundations can promote the growth of, and spread harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms, such as mold (fungi), bacteria and protozoans can cause many health problems such as the flu or allergies. Some are even toxic. The application of disinfectants and antimicrobials assist in killing and preventing future growth of these microorganisms. ServiceMaster can select the right products for your home or business, then provide thorough cleaning services to you.

Disinfectants are generally used on surfaces, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs and kitchen surfaces. They should also be used on areas such as door handles and other things people frequently touch. Many disinfectants won’t harm the environment. They come in a variety of different types including sprays, liquids and foggers, and must be used properly to successfully kill bacteria and other harmful organisms such as e-coli and salmonella. ServiceMaster can solve your disinfecting needs, using guaranteed products and expertise to ensure your home or office are disinfected properly and thoroughly.

Antimicrobials are often used to treat and eliminate bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae and their spores. Fungi, such as mold, can deteriorate walls, wood and furniture. It can grow inside walls, causing the foundation of a home or building to deteriorate and also cause major health issues. Especially in buildings with high humidity levels, underground basements or located near outside water sources, such as lakes, ponds and creeks. Antimicrobial products come in many forms, and are often used to sterilize hospitals, schools and other public places. Antimicrobial products can be used in homes, but it’s critical to understand how to use them properly and effectively to completely eliminate microorganisms. ServiceMaster has expert staff who understand what products will work best for your needs to eliminate and stop further growth of microorganisms.