Board Up Dauphin County Pa

Board Up Dauphin County Pa

Protect a Building After a Flood or Fire

When you need a board up for a business or home, you should call ServiceMaster in Harrisburg, Pa because we have the equipment required to complete the job as fast as possible. There are several reasons for needing a board up on a building, including keeping vandals out of a structure after a fire or flood occurs. During a flood or fire, the windows on a building will explode and the wooden doors become warped, making it easy for anyone to enter the home or business to steal possessions. If you have a business or home in a city where a wildfire or natural flood has occurred, then there are criminals who will travel to the area in order to commit theft.

We Provide Board Up Services

Additional reasons for a board up are when an entire neighborhood is abandoned, leaving numerous unoccupied homes. When this situation occurs, squatters can enter a building to live inside the structure. In many cases, you need to have a board up process in only a few hours, and it is impossible to find the plywood and plastic that is required to complete the process. However, the technicians at ServiceMaster keep an assortment of supplies ready for emergency board ups, and they can arrive in less than an hour to protect a business or home.
Board Up Dauphin County Pa
Technicians Can Protect Multi-story Buildings

Technicians will bring long extension ladders or bucket trucks to board up the windows on multistory buildings, and they can also wrap a building in heavy-duty plastic layers that are designed to withstand high winds. Several technicians will work at once to protect a structure in only a few hours, helping to protect it from rain, high winds and snow. A board up is suitable for private residences such as apartments, condominiums and homes, or business managers can request the service for office buildings, law firms or medical facilities.

A Board Up Can Prevent Looting

Retail establishments with numerous windows may need to have an emergency board up when there are riots in the area to prevent looting. ServiceMaster customers can depend on us to send a restoration team to a property to complete a board up as quickly as possible to protect the interior of a building from water, fire and smoke damage or to protect a home or business from vandalism and looting.

Board Up Dauphin County Pa trained technicians are available 24/7