Board Up Hanover Pa

Board Up Hanover Pa

 Board Up Hanover Pa Specialists For Homes and Businesses

Either before a storm or after a storm, having to board up as a precaution to possible impending damages or after the storm events such as vandalism or injuries, is not a pleasant experience. Furthermore, when everyone else is looking for help during these trying times, a company such as ServiceMaster, that specializes in meeting your board up needs 24/7, makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved–especially you!

What To Expect From A Professional Board Up Hanover Pa Job

  • Dependability
  • Responsibility
  • Guaranteed Results

Kinds of Services We Provide

Board Up Hanover Pa
Board Up Services:
With a rapid-response team on the scene and backed up with a fleet of service trucks, broken windows and doors from accidents, firefighting and vandalism are secured by our technicians. Providing temporary security and protection, our team also deals with damaged roofs by providing roof tarp to protect your property from the elements–wind, sleet or tropical downpours. Using the sturdiest of woods and special equipment tools, you can rest at ease knowing you are well protected.

Barricades/Temporary Building Enclosure Protection:
No matter whether it’s a residential or commercial application, if you need to keep guarded protection, we are the ones to do it for you. Whether they are break-in robberies, vandalism or just curious onlookers, all are not welcomed on your property. Putting up barricades and other precautionary measures is something we excel in, and we are good at it!

Fire/Water Restoration:
After the firefighters leave, your next line of defense is our board up team and our skilled fire and water restoration technicians. Peace of mind to you and your vested interests mean a return to normalcy after sustaining damages resulting from a fire or flooding event.

Smoke, soot and smoke damage have nowhere to go but out! Many times, we can be out to your site within three hours after your first call to any of our local or national offices. In fact, our water restoration services do not come behind in any sense with drywall and hardwood floor restoration experts handling any damage to plaster walls, ceiling tiles, wood base-boards and even concrete block areas.

That said, ServiceMaster Clean has the proud honor of being the largest restoration service in North America. We stand behind our customer service, emergency response team/equipment and naturally, we are completely bonded, certified and trained in the latest board up and restoration technology.

Now serving the greater Hanover, Pa and surrounding areas, get ready now for the unforeseen events in either natural or man-made disasters by giving our friendly, informative representatives a call today at 717-831-8947