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Board Up Lebanon Pa

  • November 8, 2014
  • by SMM Fan
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Board Up Lebanon Pa

Many things can happen that require a house or business to be boarded up. For example, fire, natural disaster, riots or structural failure can render the building uninhabitable. When evacuated, doors and windows need to be boarded up to prevent vandalism and looters from entering. The barriers also prevent animals from entering the building as well. Insurance companies require property owners to mitigate damages, or protect the property from further damage in the event of a claim. Boarding up the property is the best way to do this.
Using a professional company instead of doing it yourself makes financial sense. It may also be a requirement of your insurance policy. Instead of nailing or bolting boards to window frames and then search for a company to make overall repairs, it makes sense to hire a repair company that also provides board up services. One company that provides both services is ServiceMaster near Lebanon, Pa.

Boarding up a structure is more than securing sheets of plywood over windows. Entrance and exit doors will be secured, holes in the roof will be closed with tarps/boards to ensure the building’s interior is safe from the elements and if necessary, barricades will be erected to keep passersby at a safe distance. If doors are missing, temporary doors will be built and locks attached.

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Boarding up the building is only the beginning of the process. The company will also offer packing out and storage, water removal, evaluating the damage and keep the property owner informed of everything that needs to be done.

Board Up Lebanon Pa

ServiceMaster offers repair services including construction, plumbing, electrical and painting. Restoration of tile, dry cleaning of curtains, upholstery, linens and clothing is also part of getting houses and businesses back in order. Instead of “padding the bill,” the company will clean or restore items that do not need removal, repairing only damaged items. This reduces costs to the insurance company and property owner. It also means a business or family can move back in faster and get back to normal sooner.

As an example, say a business experiences a fire during the winter. Not much is damaged except the HVAC system and power is out. The business needs to continue operations or it may fail. ServiceMaster will provide generators and temporary climate control while company contractors repair the electrical damage and restore, repair or replace the HVAC system with minimal disruption to the business.

ServiceMaster also provides mold remediation as well as a host of other services. Property owners do not need to experience a disaster to call for routine services such as HVAC duct cleaning, carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning.

Board Up Lebanon Pa