Board Up York Pa

Board Up York Pa

Restoring A Building To Normal

A building board up York Pa usually suggests that something catastrophic has happened there. The building could have been boarded up for any number of reasons, whether it was a fire, flood, theft or long-term vacancy. One thing is certain: the view of a building board up is not only an eyesore, but it lowers the value of the neighborhood as a whole.

ServiceMaster is able to restore a residence or commercial building to its living, breathing, functional self. In fact, many times the restoration is better than the original.

Aftereffects Removal

Before a building can be restored, the aftereffects of what happened there must be removed. Rubble, dirt and standing water must be eliminated. Smoke and other contaminants must be removed.
When a home or business is flooded, mold can be a particular problem.

ServiceMaster will survey the damage and provide a complete estimate for all repair needed. We will work with your insurance agent through the entire process. We have the equipment ready to clean and dry the premises. We will also conduct any demolition required and set up a mold inspection, if necessary.

Careful Restoration

Once the harmful aftereffects of a disaster have been cleared away, restoration must begin. Restoration is an exciting time for the customer. It’s the time when he or she can make desired style choices and update the look of the building.

We will work directly with you, to provide the special touches you want for your restored building. We will also work closely with any other trades needed for restoration. We will be certain to provide you a renovation that will be in accordance with all codes and specifications required by state law. We pledge to do this in as timely a manner as possible, because we know that your time is valuable.

Board Up York Pa

Finishing Up

After all of these steps are completed, we will provide you with a report of the work we did on your building, with inspection approvals obtained after the changes were made. These reports can be shown to prospective buyers for your property, or they can be used in filing taxes.

ServiceMaster can restore your building board up to better than it was before.