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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpeting and upholstery can take on an unsightly look through regular use over time, and it can also begin to smell bad when it is not kept clean. More than that, when a home is impacted by flooding or fires, it may become stained from smoke, water penetration and other issues. Whether your need for carpet and upholstery cleaning service is routine or more significant, you can always rely on the professionals at ServiceMaster to provide you with the best results possible. We want to help you improve your home to your satisfaction through our cleaning services.

The Problem With Dirty Carpet and Upholstery
Vacuuming your carpet and upholstered surfaces is a great way to keep your home free of dust, pet dander and other debris, but the fact is that vacuuming alone is often not enough. These surfaces can become dirtier over time even with your best efforts at cleaning. When they are impacted by major events like a fire or a flood, you may wonder if they can be cleaned or if they will need to be replaced. When these items are dirty, you may wonder if your home environment is healthy and sanitary. Because these dirty surfaces can harbor unhealthy particulates, the fact is that professional cleaning from ServiceMaster may be needed to improve the cleanliness of your home.

Professional Results You Will Love
Whether you are concerned about the look and smell of your home or its cleanliness due to health factors, you can trust the professionals at ServiceMaster to work hard for you with carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment to efficiently remove particulates and debris from the materials. More than that, we also utilize special techniques to remove smoke, water stains and other types of stains that may be a concern to you. We want to restore the look of your carpeting and upholstery through our professional services, and we also want to make them clean and sanitary.

Whether you need routine carpet and upholstery cleaning service or more significant service after a damaging event in your home, you do not need to look beyond ServiceMaster for professional results. We are committed to your satisfaction with our efforts, and we will work hard to impress you with a job well done. Contact the office today to inquire about our services and availability, and we will schedule cleaning service for your home.