Ceilings, Floors & Walls Cleaning

Ceilings, Floors, & Wall Cleaning

Getting ceilings, floors, and walls in your home or business clean can be a real challenge; keeping them clean can be just as hard. Having the right equipment and the right cleaning products for the various surfaces requires some planning and some expense. That is why it may be more advisable to let this kind of regular, thorough cleaning be taken care of by professionals with the supplies and the training specifically designed to handle it.

Whether you need cleaning done regularly in the spring and fall, or on an as-needed basis, such as a rental property clean-out or cleaning up after a fire or other emergency, having the job handled by trained professionals takes a load off of you while assuring that the job is performed properly. Although floors are where we usually notice the accumulation of dirt first, walls and ceilings can pick up and hold on to all kinds of airborne particles which can eventually make them look dingy and in need of some professional attention.

The surfaces that professional cleaners have to deal with may include anything from carpet and hardwood floors, to marble and linoleum. Ceilings can be either smooth or textured, with various lighting fixtures, vents, or other obstacles to get in the way of anyone trying to clean them. Walls can be painted, paneled, tiled, or even mirrored, but they will all need to be cleaned on a regular basis. That will require someone who is familiar with the various cleaners called for in specific circumstances.

Regardless of your cleaning needs, the experts at Servicemaster will bring their 70-plus years of experience to the job. They will not only provide the right equipment and cleaning products for the job; they will also provide you with highly-trained cleaning professionals who can tackle your floors, walls, or ceilings and dramatically improve the look and feel of your home or business. In addition to these standard cleaning capabilities, Servicemaster can come to your aid in the event of water damage, smoke damage, or other catastrophic circumstances and bring all of their resources to bear in restoring your property.