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Cleaning & Restoration of Household Goods

When your home has been damaged by everything from a flood to a fire, you may understandably be concerned about restoring your property’s condition in its entirety and with minimal time and effort. After all, until your home is restored, you may not be able to live in it, and the value of your investment may be impacted. However, inside your home, you have many types of household goods that also may have been impacted by the event. Through ServiceMaster, you can request professional service from our team for the cleaning and restoration of household goods.

How This Service Works
At ServiceMaster, we know that your main goal after enduring a damaging event is to return to life as usual quickly. While restoring your home is important to achieving the goal, the fact is that you also need to restore the contents inside the home. When you contact ServiceMaster for help with your restoration project, you inevitably will want to restore your personal items when possible. The ServiceMaster team will review all of the damaged goods to determine which are salvageable and which are able to be repaired. This will reduce costs and will help you to retain ownership of the items already in your possession.

Why Household Goods Are Important
Household goods may include everything from furnishings and appliance to personal effects. These are the items that you rely on inside your house every day that make your house a comfortable home to live in. Some may have emotional significance or special value. Preserving and restoring these items is important, and you can always trust the professionals at ServiceMaster to restore or clean the items when possible. Special techniques can be used to remove stains and odors while also disinfecting items as needed. If an item can be saved, you can rest assured that ServiceMaster will make that happen for you.

Household goods may be worth thousands, tens of thousands of dollars or more in some cases. More than the monetary value, some items may have historical or emotional significance to you. ServiceMaster is focused on restoring the property with our restoration services, but we also can help you to clean and restore the contents inside the home with fabulous results. If you have experienced property damage and are looking for a way to return to life as usual as quickly as possible, reach out to ServiceMaster for assistance today.