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Cleaning Services Overview

Dirty floors? Your floors are often times ever dirtier than toilets! How gross! Did you know that carpets act like a filter, trapping dirt, grime and other harmful bacteria. It is recommended that carpets be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Sadly, most carpets only get cleaned when they are noticeably filthy. Now is the time to get those carpets cleaned, and ServiceMaster is the perfect company for that task.

Unlike the rented carpet cleaner that you can find at the hardware store that will leave your carpets wet with detergent residue, ServiceMaster has the right equipment to do the job right, removing dirt, grime, and moisture. We offer an exclusive cleaning process that includes inspection of your carpets to determine the best method of cleaning. With that comes pre treatment of any spots or stains and a pre application of cleaning products to loosen the deep ground in dirt. We rinse with hot water and post treat any residual stains. Then we groom the carpet for efficient drying, ensuring a uniform appearance, Finally we place pads under the furniture legs to protect the carpet during the drying process. One last inspection to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction, and then we’re all done!

And for your hardwood floors we offer a proprietary approach, giving your floors a superior clean and amazing shine. It reduces wear and leaves no burn marks. More slip resistance and less stripping required!

These are some of the things that set ServiceMaster apart from all the other companies out there. But with us it is so much more than just cleaning your floors. ServiceMaster was founded in 1929, and  the same principals we began with still hold true today. We believe in treating all of our customers with respect and dignity. We will do the right thing… Every time.  And we will do what we said we will do, even if it means a follow up visit to get it right. These things are what truly set us above all others. We hope you select us for all of your floor cleaning needs, and we hope to hear from you soon!