Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Contact ServiceMaster for Professional Janitorial Services

ServiceMaster offers professional commercial cleaning services such as floor polishing to large and small companies, including office buildings, manufacturing plants and medical facilities. Expert janitorial employees are screened and trained by us, making having a commercial property sanitized easier for business managers. Commercial properties have special needs due to the extensive foot traffic each day from workers and visitors. This means that surfaces such as tile, wall-to-wall carpeting and bathroom fixtures are covered with grime that is embedded deeply into fibers and materials. Businesses require sanitizing frequently by knowledgeable janitors to meet the standards expected by customers and employees.

We Customize Commercial Cleaning Services

Customers can contact ServiceMaster for regular commercial cleaning services on a daily or weekly basis to maintain a property effectively. Alternatively, our janitors can provide one time sanitizing for owners purchasing a new property. We can customize the types of cleaning that property managers want during each service call. ServiceMaster has sturdy equipment such as top-of-the-line carpet shampoo machines to maintain floor coverings in large facilities. Technicians can analyze fibers on upholstered furniture located in banks and law firms to remove difficult stains. Janitorial staff can remove pathogens from countertops and flooring located in assisted living facilities, physician’s offices and hospitals.

Janitors are Available Round-The-Clock

When customers meet with us to hire janitors for commercial cleaning, we discuss their specialized needs. Businesses often need sanitizing during evening or weekend hours to avoid inconveniencing customers. ServiceMaster offers janitorial service round-the-clock by providing employees who wear embellished uniforms to protect businesses. Our cleaning technicians arrive in logo designed trucks that are filled with industrial-strength moisture extractors and scrubbing equipment. We provide environmentally safe cleansers required to help a building look fantastic without emitting volatile odors into the atmosphere.

Choose Environmentally Safe Cleansers

ServiceMaster janitors are able to provide basic surface cleaning of commonly used areas in a commercial property or extensive sanitizing. Daily or weekly services might include mopping or vacuuming floors, scrubbing bathrooms or sanitizing tables. Deep or occasional cleaning from ServiceMaster professionals includes washing walls and ceilings, shampooing rugs and carpets or removing dust from hanging light fixtures. Our clients can request traditional cleaning service that uses commercial cleansers or green cleaning that uses cleansers made from natural substances. Whatever type of commercial cleaning services customers select, we are responsible for removing the trash we make while sanitizing surfaces.