Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial Mold Remediation

Problems with mold are a big concern with property owners and managers. Molds can begin to grow rapidly even after two days of excess moisture. This moisture can be due to broken pipes, a flood or extra high humidity. Mold can cause poor air quality, allergies and other effects to people’s health. This condition shouldn’t be ignored. Actions should be taken to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Mold remediation is something that a lay person usually can’t take care of himself. A company experienced in the removal of mold and its damaging effects needs to be called upon to do the job.

Experts in mold need to be able to identify where the mold is present. It may be partially hidden. It can be identified by odor, which is musty and noxious. It may be a fluffy type growth on walls, floors, ceilings. Mold growths are relentless in causing decay of dead matter, like wood or other surfaces. If a lot of people who work or live in commercial properties complain of respiratory symptoms, a search for mold growth should be undertaken.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to take immediate action to get a property completely dried out in the first 24 hours after a flood, leaky pipe or other water damage is discovered. If quick action is not taken to remove the water, mold is very likely to appear and grow.

When the drying process is not adequate, mold may appear. In these cases, the material that is getting moldy needs to be taken away or decontaminated. Remediation is the name of the procedure used to do this.  Features of remediation that are used depend on the size of the affected area, and the type of contamination.

The company, ServiceMaster, stands ready to help you with your mold problems. All of their Restoration Vendors have been highly trained in the entire process of mold prevention and mold remediation. They can serve your needs whether they are small or large. An area as small as 10 square feet can be treated. Other franchises are certified to take care of large properties that need mold remediation.

ServiceMaster Mold Remediation experts recommend removing water and excess moisture promptly to avoid the growth of mold. If the property isn’t thoroughly dried or the mold is ignored, mold remediation is necessary to remove all traces of mold. It is simply not a healthy environment for people to live or work in an atmosphere of mold. The ServiceMaster Company is reliable, expert and honest company to provide this service.