Content Cleaning Dauphin County Pa

Content Cleaning Dauphin County Pa

The damage from a fire can leave a family devastated. Besides losing several valuable items, many homeowners worry about cleaning what is left of their belongings. A professional content cleaning company can alleviate the worry that comes with such a monumental task. When you hire ServiceMaster, you can rest assured knowing that the job will be completed safely and effectively. Our professionals are knowledgeable, and we will clean your home in a timely manner.

Water Damage After a Fire
If the fire caused severe damage, your home could have water damage. Water needs to be removed immediately. In a matter of hours, water can seep into the walls and floors. Mold can grow on surfaces in less than a week. Our technicians can start the drying process as soon as the fire is extinguished.
Content Cleaning Dauphin County Pa
Commercial Cleaning Products and Deodorizers
After removing the water, our technicians will evaluate the smoke and fire damage. We will inspect all of the rooms in your home, and we will use several cleaners and deodorizers. We will remove soot from your furniture, fixtures and walls. Some products in your home can create dangerous chemicals after they have been in a fire. If the items are not cleaned quickly, dangerous fumes can circulate throughout your home. The items must be cleaned with the proper cleaning agents.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning a home after a fire is a physically demanding task. Handling the job without the proper equipment is almost impossible. The walls, floors and windows will need to be cleaned with industrial cleaning supplies. If an inexperienced person attempts to clean the damaged areas of the home, the problem could worsen after the smoke completely dissipates. Cleaning a home after a fire also poses a risk to your health. Our team of technicians can save you time and money.

Our technicians are always understanding of your situation, and we will respect your home. We will work hard to restore your home to its original condition. For more information about our services in Harrisburg, Pa give us a call. When you contact ServiceMaster, a friendly customer service representative will schedule you an appointment with an experienced technician.

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