Drapes & Blinds Cleaning

Drapes & Blinds Cleaning

Although most window treatments do not receive rough handling or hard use, they nevertheless can get dusty, dirty, or even grimy from sticky children’s fingers. Pet hair can collect on the drapery fabrics, which may be difficult to clean when working with delicate material. Fortunately, qualified service providers like ServiceMaster can provide assistance in competently caring for drapes and blinds.

Drapery cleaning.

Draperies come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Some need to be dry cleaned while others can be laundered. All must be handled carefully to avoid raveling and wrinkles. A qualified drapery cleaning service will either remove the draperies and take them to the facility for professional cleaning or carefully clean them in the customer’s home while hanging in place, especially if they are custom designed. Gentle but effective cleaning agents will be used without risk of damaging or discoloring the fabric. A stain guard product may be available to protect the draperies against future damage.

Blinds cleaning.

Whether a home uses pull blinds or Venetian blinds, as well as other styles, these can be cleaned using industry equipment and cleaners for a fresh, clean look and feel. The blinds may be able to be cleaned in the customer’s residence while hanging in place. Contaminants like insect droppings, dust, stains, and pet fur can be removed to make the blinds smell fresher.

Cleaning work for window blinds and drapes is performed by well-trained employees with experience. Window treatments will keep the surrounding environment in the home, such as window ledges, walls, and floors, free of spills from cleaning equipment and agents. The work will be done in a timely manner without disrupting the entire household. Costs are usually reasonable.

Having professional service workers take care of this important task will free the homeowner up for other duties that demand his or her attention. Whether planning for seasonal housecleaning, holiday celebrations, or special events, ServiceMaster offers a team of professional service personnel who can care for your home as competently as you do. From the attic to the basement, have your window blinds and drapes cleaned to keep your home fresh and attractive for you and your family.