Emergency Board Up Middletown Pa

Emergency Board Up Middletown Pa Services

Safe Board Ups

Homeowners and business managers needing an emergency board up after a flood or fire can contact ServiceMaster by Middletown, Pa for assistance with a round-the-clock telephone call. Understanding how to complete a board up process safely in high winds and heavy rainstorms requires specialized training to avoid a serious injury. In addition, large and heavyweight tarps are needed along with secure fasteners to protect a building’s structures and contents. Our insured technicians keep vans loaded with equipment such as ladders necessary to place tarps on rooftops and sides of buildings.  Emergency Board Up Middletown services couldn’t be easier with a reputable company like ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg & West Shore

Protecting Interior Contents

We can bring along a bucket truck to reach the top of multistory buildings quickly to prevent additional moisture damage to insulation and furniture. ServiceMaster close to Middletown, Pa provides emergency board up service to supply barricades around openings such as doors to prevent theft. Our customers can choose between permanent or temporary enclosures to protect the contents inside a building until the emergency situation at a home or business is resolved. We are able to board up small private residences and large commercial properties with efficiency.

Avoid Water Damage

Individuals contacting ServiceMaster for emergency board up services are often traumatized after a difficult situation such as a hurricane or fire. Flames or winds have likely caused serious damage to a residential or commercial property that has disrupted their lives. Not only has a horrible event damaged a building severely, there is frequently additional damage from fallen trees or firefighter’s equipment. Our customers need professional technicians to protect a building while they are displaced until all damage is repaired and inspected. Fortunately, anyone can call us with a telephone call near Middletown, Pa to have technicians arrive promptly.

Providing Additional Services

In addition to emergency board up services, our customers often need help with other issues after a disaster, including tree removal or moisture extraction. ServiceMaster next to Middletown, Pa offers additional services such as ensuring utilities are turned off to avoid water damage or gas explosions. Our trained teams of technicians can use sump pumps to remove water from basements or cellars to prevent drywall and insulation damage. Technicians install fans to reduce humidity levels to avoid mold growth caused by water from natural floods and fire hoses. One of the best things about calling our full-service restoration company for an emergency board up Middletown Pa is that technicians can provide additional repairs when necessary.