Emergency Board Up

Emergency Board Up

There are instances when you must vacate your home with very little notice, and you may need to leave the home for a lengthy period of time. With concerns about theft, vandalism and vagrancy at the top of your mind, you may be looking for a great way to secure your home. With emergency board up services from ServiceMaster, you can seal off all entry points to the home with minimal time and effort required on your part.

What This Service Includes
In many instances, simply locking your doors and windows before you leave the house is enough to meet your security needs. However, if you do not plan to return home for awhile, you want to take extra effort to secure the home and to prevent damage from occurring from other sources and factors. Emergency board up service from ServiceMaster will include boarding up windows and doors with safe, secure methods. This will be completed in a manner that minimizes any type of risk for damage to the home but that also secures it as desired.

When to Use Board Up Service

There are many instances when emergency board up service may be needed for a home. For example, you may need to board up the windows and doors on a home when you are planning to be away from the area for an extended trip. You may be concerned about storm damage when a major storm event is in the forecast a few days from down. If your home has been damaged, such as by fire, and you will not begin the repair process, you may need to board up the home until the restoration process can begin. While locks can secure a home with great results in most cases, there are times when you need to take extra steps to secure the home, and emergency board up services from ServiceMaster are the right solution.

While many who contact ServiceMaster for emergency board up services are residential property owners, this is a service that is also available for commercial property owners. Regardless of the type of property that you own, you can reach out to the professionals at ServiceMaster for a quick response for assistance with board up service. We want to help you secure your space to your satisfaction, and we will work efficiently to address your concerns with our emergency board up service. Call the office today to set up your appointment with our team.