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Fire Cleaning Dauphin County Pa

  • August 13, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Fire Cleaning Dauphin County Pa,
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Fire Cleaning Dauphin County Pa

While the damages inflicted during a house fire may seem impossible to deal with, many possessions harmed in the fire can be restored to their previous condition with the help of trained professionals. The trained ServiceMasters in Harrisburg, Pa can assess and reverse issues that most homeowners cannot properly address on their own. These problems include a smoky smell in your upholstery that may become permanent if not properly treated, soot and ash particles in the HVAC system being contaminating the air that circulated through your home, and instability in the home’s structure. It can also be very corrosive to metal fixtures and piping.
Another type of damage that occurs to homes after house fires is water damage. The firetruck hoses used to douse and extinguish the flames can soak insulation, ruining its ability to trap out the heat or cold, cause drywall to lose strength and crumble, and even create serious electrical hazards. All of these problems worsen over time, so it is vital to have a ServiceMaster begin work as soon as possible. In the course of a fire cleaning, it is not uncommon for the amount of water extracted by the cleaners’ high-strength vacuums and pumps to number in the hundreds of gallons. It would be next to impossible for a homeowner to remove all of this themselves.

Fire Cleaning Dauphin County Pa

Another reason that professional assessments are so vital is that there are many different types of fire damage. To a layperson, it may seem that all fires are the same, but depending on what caused the fire, what chemicals were present to fuel it, and what materials it burned through, fires can burn at different temperatures and effect materials in different ways. They also cause a variety of smoke and discoloration stains, all of which require expensive specialty cleaning solutions to remove. Fire cleaners have the know-how, experience, and equipment to figure out exactly what type of fire swept through your home and fix the damages. They are aware of dangerous toxins that may be present in the aftermath of the fire and can remove them so that you are safe from exposure.

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