Fire Damage Dauphin County Pa

Fire Damage Dauphin County Pa

Fire Damage Cleaning is Complicated

Fire damage can happen to a home for a variety of reasons, including a fire that occurs in a kitchen while cooking food or when the sparks from a fireplace burn through the walls. ServiceMaster in city name, state is ready to help you remove the charred materials, soot and moisture from your home. Cleaning up after a fire is a complicated process because there is water damage from the firefighters’ hoses or fire sprinklers in addition to layers of greasy soot on the floors, walls and ceilings. When the fire has burned for a long time, then technicians will need to haul away charred wood paneling, burnt carpets or damaged drywall.

We Remove Smoke Odor From a Home

In addition, your home will smell like smoke after a fire, and removing the odor is not easy with amateur equipment. However, at ServiceMaster, we have ozone generators that are designed to remove the smoke odor from the air inside a building after a fire is extinguished. Our technicians can also install circulating fans near windows and doors to pull the smoke out of the rooms. After the air inside a home is fresher, the technicians begin to extract the moisture from carpets and walls. Removing this water quickly is the best way to keep it from soaking into a home’s electrical wiring and insulation.
Fire Damage Dauphin County Pa
Soot Contains Dangerous Chemicals

Removing soot is a dirty job that requires using specialized tools and cleansers. Soot is a greasy substance that is dangerous to have inside a home because it contains burnt chemicals. If you breathe the debris from soot, then you can experience respiratory distress. At ServiceMaster, we require our technicians to wear protective gloves and masks to avoid contamination from the hazardous chemicals in soot. We use scrubbing machines to wash away the soot before vacuuming the debris into bags.

Contact Us for Fast Cleaning

The best way to have your home repaired after a fire is to contact ServiceMaster where there are several trained technicians ready to arrive quickly at anytime of the day or night. We have all of the equipment needed to perform multiple cleaning processes at the same time to prevent secondary damages from mold, smoke and soot. Our office staff is ready to help you provide the information needed for your insurance company to receive reimbursement for a fire damage cleanup

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