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Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

  • June 12, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa,
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Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

Contact Fire Damage Technicians as Quickly as Possible

When a fire occurs in a building, the damage is diverse with a combination of smoke odor, greasy soot and charred surfaces. In order to have all of the debris removed efficiently, you need to hire expert ServiceMaster technicians in city name, state. This specialty company has the tools and cleansers needed to complete a variety of repairs at residential or commercial properties. Technicians can bring an assortment of equipment to a property, including:

• Extraction machines – to remove water from fire hoses
• Circulating fans – to remove smoke odor and dry surfaces
• Vacuuming equipment – to suction burned debris and soot
• Scrubbing machines – to wash away soot
• Sump pumps – to remove deep water
• Powerful generator – to operate equipment
• Trash dumpsters – to hold burned debris
• Carpet shampooers – to shampoo carpets
• Ozone machines – to eliminate smoke odor

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

Technicians will Begin a Cleanup Immediately

The fire damage cleaning process should begin as soon as it is safe for technicians to enter a building. The technicians will walk through the structure to determine how to begin the cleanup. To prevent additional damage to a building, the technicians work on a 24-hour basis until the building is returned to its original condition. If the building has no power, then the technicians can use a generator that is located on a ServiceMaster truck to operate a sump pump to remove deep water from a basement.

The Cleaning Process includes Installing Circulating Fans

Next, the technicians install circulating fans to help with removing the remaining smoke. These fans also keep air moving throughout a building to dry surfaces such as ventilation systems and wall spaces. Technicians begin to remove burned materials such as drywall or wood paneling for disposal in a trash dumpster. The remaining surfaces are scrubbed with machines that remove greasy soot and suction it into a container. A technician also shampoos wall-to-wall carpeting and applies chemicals that are designed to eliminate smoke odor from the fibers.

Fast Cleanups Help to Prevent Secondary Damages

By working throughout the day and night, the fire damage problems are less likely to spread inside the building. The fast removal of moisture helps to prevent secondary damage from mold growth inside attics or between walls. ServiceMaster in city name, state has technicians who are ready to respond to a fire damaged building as quickly as possible to begin the cleaning and remediation process.

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa