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Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

  • August 28, 2013
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa,
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Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

The future holds a number of unexpected possibilities, but not all of those possibilities are good. More than one million fires occur every year in the United States, and many of those people who survive a fire discover that the cause of the fire was outside of their hands. Electrical fires can occur because you have too many electrical devices plugged into a single outlet, but those fires can also occur because of a problem inside the walls that you never notice or see.

Fires can also break out because of people smoking. Someone walking down the streets might not think before tossing a lit cigarette in a bush in front of your house. The risk of a fire occurring in your home increases if you have pets. Those pets can easily chew through a cord or wire that causes an electrical fire, and you also have a risk of wild animals inside your walls doing the same thing. Having smoke detectors in your home can alert you of the problem and help you and your family escape the flames, but you’ll still worry about cleaning up your home later. With ServiceMaster, as long as you live close to Harrisburg, Pa, you’ll have help cleaning up your home.

Emergency Loss Mitigation

ServiceMaster will help you upfront with emergency loss mitigation, which refers to the steps you take to prevent losses. The longer that you leave your house sit after a fire, the more problems you face in the future. Think about your house like a kitchen sponge. As the sponge sits in the sink, it slowly absorbs more water, which can lead to bacteria living on the surface. Your house acts like a sponge after a fire, absorbing the water and chemicals firefighters used to put out the fire. The faster that you get ServiceMaster out to your home, the faster the workers can start eliminating any potential dangers. By removing water logged items, covering damage and clearing out your home, the company will ensure that your home is safe.

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa

Quick Response

The first few moments after a fire starts are the most important moments in your life. Once you get your family and pets out of the home safely, you’ll find yourself standing on the street and waiting for help to arrive. Even before the firefighters leave, you can pick up the phone and call ServiceMaster in Harrisburg, Pa. The company will get some basic information from you and send out technicians to help you as soon as possible. Other companies might put
you off for days or even weeks, but ServiceMaster will get to you quickly.

Floor and Wall Cleaning

Fire often leads to smoke damage, and it’s one of the first things you notice when you get back in your home. Smoke can leave dark streaks behind on fabric and other materials, and smoke will also leave a thick and heavy odor behind. Cleaning the walls and floors in your home yourself is time consuming, and it might even leave you feeling sick as you inhale those odors.  ServiceMaster technicians come fully prepared for the smoke and fire damage, wearing protective gear and masks. Those workers will clean your house and remove the odors, reducing the amount of damage that you see and smell once you get inside.

Why should you spend weeks cleaning your house and seeing the destruction a fire caused? With ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg and West Shore, any Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa, can get quickly repaired. Its fast response time, effective wall and floor cleaning methods and its other services, Servicemaster will help you recover from a fire.

Fire Damage Harrisburg Pa