Fire Damage Lebanon Pa

Fire Damage Lebanon Pa

If your home has suffered a fire, it can be devastating. If the fire has not destroyed your home completely, then when the firefighters leave the home, you will be surprised at the filth that is left behind. It may seem easy enough simply to scrub away the soot, but the smoke damage can be hazardous to a person’s health. If it is not cleaned properly, the damages to the home can continue.

While fire does the immediate damage, soot and ash left behind can discolor walls and cause corrosion on the wiring. You will also notice that the smell does not go away until the home is completely clean.

Contacting professionals will ensure that your home is cleaned efficiently because they are trained and certified to do the work. Experts that have received certification through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) will have the best knowledge of taking care of any property that has been damaged by fire.  Fire Damage Lebanon Pa cleanup is as simple as calling ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg and West Shore.

A professional restoration contractor will assess your home to find out the extent of the damage done. They should show you examples of where plastic was discolored, metals were tarnished, and corrosion begun. It is also common for the finishing on appliances to change colors and be destroyed. If the cleaning is not done quickly enough, all of the discolorations will become permanent. This will then require the entire area to be replaced, and prices will increase.

Areas of your home that will need to be replaced completely if not cleaned properly include:

Fire Damage Lebanon Pa

While soot is unsightly, it is made up of ash, which is highly acidic. This is why it is imperative to get it off surfaces in a timely fashion. Those who have received training will know what to use to make sure that the ash is neutralized and removed from all surfaces. If the ash is not neutralized before it is disturbed, then it will travel in the air to other surfaces to increase the damage. Not everything is lost when a fire occurs, but only a trained eye will know what can be salvaged.

Fires can destroy families, and they can be quite destructive to personal belongings, as well. Using the right detergents and cleaning methods can help save some of the belongings, but it can also allow you to move back into the home sooner. It is a detailed process, which is why you should trust a professional fire damage Lebanon Pa restoration expert to perform the task.

Fire Damage Lebanon Pa