Fire Damage Palmyra Pa

Fire Damage Palmyra Pa

If you have experienced fire damage to your property in Palmyra, Pa, you need a company that is reliable, experienced and reputable to assist you in making the necessary repairs that will allow you to get back to normal and move on with your life. ServiceMaster is this type of company. They have the skills and knowledge to handle any fire damage problem that you have.

Fire is an amazingly destructive force. It has the ability to make a building unusable and uninhabitable in just a few short moments. If you should be present during a fire, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind:

1. You should never enter a structure that has suffered fire damage. It is possible that the structure is no longer stable, making the floors unable to support your weight. Fires can also start again, even when it appears as if they are totally extinguished. Allow the fire department to check out the premises. Only go inside after the fire department has told you it is safe.

2. Allow the fire department to inspect your water, electricity and gas services to ensure that they are all safe to use. If they are disconnected by the fire department, do not try to reconnect them without their permission.

3. Contact your insurance company right away. Get instructions from them about what you should do and what needs to be documented. They might tell you to begin to pump out water or to cover up any openings on your house. Write down all of your possessions that experienced fire damage. Your insurance provider will need to have this.

4. You can become sick from soot and dirty water created by the fire. You should never eat, drink or breathe in anything that has been exposed to the flames, smoke or soot from the fire.

5. Call your landlord and mortgage lender and inform them about the fire. Get replacements for any of your credit cards that were lost in the fire.

After you have finished these tasks, contact ServiceMaster so the repair process can begin. They will survey how bad the damage is and decide the exact course of action they will take to best repair your home in an affordable and efficient manner. ServiceMaster’s friendly and experienced staff understand the devastating loss you have just experienced. Therefore, they will go the extra mile to return the fire damaged area to the way it looked previously. You can count on ServiceMaster to be there when you need them most.