Fire Damage Tips

Important Fire Damage Tips

If you have been through a fire, you know how traumatic it can be. Your sense of safety in your home might be compromised, you might find that you are dealing with many different bills and insurance issues, and you may even have been displaced from your home while repairs took place. Even if you are still feeling anxious about the fire, there are things that you can do to start healing the damage. Consider these fire damage tips to get you started on the road back to where you were!

Get Some Air Going After you are allowed back into the home, get the windows open as much as you can. Fresh air is going to do a lot for getting the smell of smoke out of the air. Encourage ventilation and air flow but placing fans in the windows and also in the open doors. Leave these fans running all day, and you will see that they cut down on a lot of the smell.

Cleaning Chrome One of the easiest things to clean after a fire is the chrome in your home. Chrome trim and chrome faucets often take on a grimy and dirty appearance after a fire. If you want to clean them, mix a gentle detergent with water and scrub at it with a bristle brush. To restore some of the shine, consider applying a light coating of vegetable oil to it to help the polish regain some of its former shine.

Keep Pets Out Until you’ve got your home up to a liveable condition again, keep your pets out. The rule of thumb is that if you cannot live in the house yet, your pets cannot live there either. The issue is that pets will run around, get involved in all sorts of messy areas, and eat things that they shouldn’t. Until your home is clean, board them at a kennel or let a relative take care of them.

Get Pictures Some of the fire damage that you see will not be fixable by you. Instead, make sure that you get lots of pictures of the damage to show to your insurance company. They should be contacted as soon after the fire as you can, but the more evidence you can give them, and the more you can give them to work with, the better.

Call In Professionals When it comes to fire damage tips, the best thing you can do is to call in the pros. At ServiceMaster, we make it a point of pride to get your home back to where it needs to be!

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