Fire Damage York Pa

Fire Damage York Pa

If your property has suffered an extensive amount of fire damage York Pa, you will need to find a company that is reliable, experienced and reputable to perform the necessary repairs that will allow you to get back to normal and move on with your life. ServiceMaster is just such a company. They possess the required skill and knowledge to handle any fire damage job that you have.

Fire has enormous destructive power. In only a matter of minutes, it is capable of rendering a structure completely unusable and uninhabitable. There are some critical things you need to keep in mind in the event of a fire:

1. Never enter a building that a fire has caused severe damage to. There is a good chance that the building is no longer stable. Therefore, you could fall through the floor very easily. The fire might appear as though it is completely out, but it might start up again. Do not go in until the fire department has inspected it. If it is safe to go inside, they will let you know.

2. Always have the fire department make certain that your water, electric and gas services are ok for you to use. If they have been disconnected by the fire department, do not reconnect them without prior fire department approval.

3. Call your insurance company right away. Get instructions from them regarding what you should do to prevent your house from suffering further damage. This could include pumping water out of the house or covering exposed areas on the outside of the house. Keep track of all items damaged by the fire so you can give the list to your insurance company.

4. You can become sick from soot and dirty water resulting from the fire. You should make sure that you never drink, breathe in or eat anything that has been in close proximity to the flames, smoke or soot from the fire.

5. Get in touch with your landlord or mortgage lender to let them know about the fire. Get replacements for any credit cards that were destroyed in the blaze.

Fire Damage York Pa

Once all of these tasks have been accomplished, contact ServiceMaster so the process of repairing the structure can begin. They will check out all of the damage and develop a plan to make all of the repairs in a way that is both fast and affordable. ServiceMaster’s friendly staff is sympathetic to your enormous loss. They will do everything they can to make your fire damaged property look like it did when it was brand new. In your time of need, you can always count on ServiceMaster for Fire Damage York Pa repairs