Fire Restoration Steelton Pa

Fire Restoration Steelton Pa

Fires are traumatic events that can be life changing. They are especially traumatic for those who have never experienced them before. When faced with a seemingly hopeless situation where a building and its contents have been severely damaged, what should the victim of a fire do? Contacting a fire restoration service is the only reasonable option.

What Can ServiceMaster Fire Restoration Specialists Do?
The destructiveness of a fire can go far beyond the damage caused by the flames themselves. Fires can result in water damage to a structure due to efforts to put the fire out. Soot can spread into other rooms and discolor or corrode marble, plaster or plastic. The smell of smoke can sink deep into upholstery and fabrics, tainting them even though they were never visibly damaged by the fire. These are some of the issues that fire restoration specialists are trained to solve.

In the effort to move on from the destructive and stressful event, a homeowner may be tempted to think that they can handle cleanup without professional help. However, the damage caused by a fire often requires more than a household vacuum cleaner and a can of air freshener. Professional fire restoration requires the use of specialized equipment that the average homeowner will not have at their disposal. From ozone machines to heavy duty cleaning products and industrial grade dehumidifiers, experienced ServiceMaster fire restoration specialists in cityname, state are equipped to deal with severe damage to a building and its contents. Another important benefit is that fire restoration specialists can tackle multiple issues simultaneously thereby lessening the time it takes to recover.

Services Offered by Fire Damage Restoration Specialists
• 24-hour response every day of the year
• Environmentally friendly cleaning methods
• Emergency boarding up of a building and temporary shoring up of the structure
• Carpentry and structural repair
• Cleaning and restoration of building contents
• Cleaning of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

After a fire, it is essential that homeowners get started on cleanup right away. Moving quickly to initiate the restoration can help to preserve unaffected areas and speed recovery from the emotional trauma. The ServiceMaster professionals who handle fire restoration near Steelton, Pa have the expertise to restore a home to its former condition quickly and efficiently in the aftermath of a disaster.