Fire Smoke Damage Restoration

If your house or place of business was in a fire and you’re fortunate enough not to have lost everything, then you need fire smoke damage restoration services. Sweeping out, washing walls, and cleaning or replacing carpet and drapes yourself isn’t enough. ServiceMaster has highly trained professionals who specialize in every phase of restoration to ensure the hidden as well as visible damages are properly cleaned so it’s safe for you to return.

Fire and Smoke Damage Problems

Smoke lingers in ventilation systems, attics and basements, making people sick. Residue from fingerprint powder, tear gas, fire extinguishers, and soot need to be properly cleaned. Debris and unsalvageable belongings need to be properly disposed of and others restored with the right cleaning and sanitizing if done in time. Water damage can be extensive. From its removal, drying and dehumidifying to treating the area with microbials to prevent mold growth and control odors, ServiceMaster has you covered every step of the way.

Soot Residue Rescue

Soot residue varies and can be invisible depending on the fire’s intensity, its temperature and how it was extinguished. Gooey, sticky, wet smoke residue left from low-heat smouldering fires makes smoke webs difficult to clean. Dry smoke residue left from high-heat, fast-burning fires is powdery with tiny smoke particles. Fuel oil soot and invisible protein residues that ruin varnishes and discolor paints must be cleaned and the smoke smell removed.
Synthetic materials found in upholstery, draperies, flooring, and carpet can release harmful toxins when burned. They seep into surfaces of your home and linger, making you sick. Mold could grow if the moisture is not completely removed and the area treated to prevent its and other disease-causing organisms’ growth.

Clean Up and Restoration

As if your emotions are not in enough turmoil, the restoration process can be lengthy, tedious, time-consuming hard work. Time is of the essence for items that may be salvageable only for a few days before they ruin completely. Let ServiceMaster’s compassionate experts take care of your entire fire and smoke damage restoration process.

Five Step Process

After we assess damages and determine the best solution for your needs, emergency pre-cleaning and content cleaning begin, followed by content pack-out, cleaning walls and ceilings, and deodorization. We are expert in mixing the right chemicals to clean and treat fire and smoke damage in homes and workplaces. We make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Let ServiceMaster manage your after-fire clean up and restoration particulars while you focus on your immediate personal needs and the other details in your life.