Flood Damage Harrisburg Pa

Flood Damage Harrisburg Pa

Flooding is a serious problem that can occur for any number of reasons. Many homeowners living in Harrisburg, Pa call ServiceMaster for help after flooding caused by heavy rain. When a storm passes through Harrisburg Pa, the driving rain can rip off roofing shingles, cause cracks in the shingles and even cause damage to the foundation of a home. Anytime you leave your home exposed, you risk suffering damage from flooding. This includes leaving your windows open a few inches or forgetting to close your pet door during a storm.

Flooding also happens because of leaks that you don’t know are in your pipes. You might even find that the small leak you thought you had is the sign of a more serious problem. Once that water pools along the floors in your home and drips down the walls, you risk facing a number of problems. That moisture can damage or destroy furniture, hard wood floors, tiled floors, carpeting and anything else in your home. ServiceMaster in Harrisburg Pa can help you recover after a flood.

Eliminate the Risk of Mold

Did you know that bacteria can begin growing just two short hours after you notice the signs of flooding? Bacteria can cause health and medical problems in anyone living in the home, and leaving the water pooled around your home can also increase your risk of mold. While black mold is the most toxic, other forms of mold can cause breathing problems and seriously impact those with allergies or asthma. ServiceMaster will get to your home as fast as possible to get rid of standing water and eliminate the risk of mold.

Common Mistakes

In the hours after a flood, you might find yourself trying to clean up your home yourself. While there are a few things that you can do on your own, you should avoid some of the more common mistakes. If you see any signs of water on the floor, you should avoid the space until after you turn off the electric in your home. Those pools of water can electrocute you or anyone else who walks in the room. You should also avoid cleaning carpeted floors with any type of vacuum including vacuums designed for use with liquids. Keep the windows in your home closed until help arrives. Opening the windows can change the temperature of your home, which can help bacteria or mold grow.

Getting Help After a Flood

Getting help after a flood is as easy as calling ServiceMaster. The sooner that you make that call, the sooner you’ll see results in your home. With offices in Harrisburg Pa, ServiceMaster can send qualified cleaners and workers to your home just a few hours after you call, but you also have the option of scheduling an appointment. Scheduling an appointment will help you set up a time when you can meet with the cleaners and discuss the issues at hand.

What Services are Available?

ServiceMaster can help you with almost any services you need after a flood. They can arrange for proper cleaning of hard wood floors, carpeted floors or any other type of floors you have in your house, and they can also remove any damaged flooring. Removing tacked down carpet yourself is a pain, but ServiceMaster will make sure that those damaged carpets leave your home. You’ll also get help removing damaged furniture, water logged items and anything else that the flooding damaged.

Those living in Harrisburg Pa know that ServiceMaster can help after any type of disaster. No matter what type of job you need done or fast you need it completed, those working for ServiceMaster can assist you.