Flood Damage Hershey Pa

Flood Damage Hershey Pa

Floods can happen at any time, at any location. Cleaning up after a flood is extremely dangerous, with government agencies releasing a constant stream of updates related to the dangers of cleaning up after a flood that has occurred. If you have Flood Damage in Hershey Pa, make sure you take the proper steps to prevent harm to yourself or your loved ones.

Flood water that is still present presents many dangers, and these dangers do not all disappear when the flood waters recede.

According to OSHA’s web site, floodwater often contains infectious organisms, including intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella; Hepatitis A Virus; and agents of typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus. (https://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_Hurricane_Facts/floodcleanup.pdf) Before beginning any restoration of flood damage, clean up must be completed. Damages caused by a flood may seem slight, such as walls needing to be cleaned, at first glance, but flood damage can be extremely severe because of the contamination suffered by buildings and homes.

In addition to the health hazards from biological threats, electrical and gas lines need to be thoroughly checked and possibly replaced. Carpeting and other flooring materials need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, if not being replaced, before things can be considered suitable for people to reside or work in the flooded building or home.

Cleaning and sanitizing everything from walls and carpets, and checking electrical and gas lines are a major part of cleaning up after experiencing flood damage, but many businesses and homes will have special circumstances, such as areas where flood waters are not easily extracted from, such as crawl spaces, sunken and recessed areas in basements, and false walls that require experienced help from qualified clean up and restoration services.

ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg & West Shore provides clean up services, as well as restoration services to help you get things back to normal. Avoiding the hazards, and knowing you are protecting not only your assets, but also anyone who might be exposed to the dangers caused by the flooding waters is possible when you have someone who is experienced and qualified to conduct the dangerous clean-up work required. Putting those at risk who have depended on you for safety and security is not really an option. Many do not realize how dangerous floods and the resulting flood damage can be, even after the flood is gone. While the risk of drowning has disappeared with the flood itself, the other dangers are still present and lurking. Preventing a number of diseases takes one phone call to us.  So if you’re faced with unfortunate flood damage Hershey pa, don’t try to tackle this yourself.  Instead call the trained professionals at ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg & West Shore.