Flood Damage Lebanon Pa

Flood Damage Lebanon Pa

It is absolutely devastating to have your business or home damaged by a flood. Water, much like fire, has the ability to destroy whatever is in its path. If you have standing water inside your property, you must take action quickly because time is of the essence. Standing water can damage flooring and walls, as well as becoming a bacteria cesspool if it is not removed as soon as possible. This is where the professionals from ServiceMaster can come to your rescue. They have decades of experience in removing flood water from structures and repairing the damage it has caused.

If you happen to own a warehouse and a flood is caused by a broken pipe, what should you do? What if your sump pump breaks down while you have a flood in your basement? You have nothing to worry about. ServiceMaster has the necessary equipment to dry the premises completely, including all of your possessions inside your business or home. They will also be capable of drying all of your drywall, plaster walls, wood and metal studs, ceiling tiles, hardwood floors, insulation and concrete blocks. By drying these items, they will not need to be disposed of. This will save you a large amount of money in repair costs.

Water extraction and removal is a specialty of ServiceMaster. They have performed thousands of these projects. If you have property that has been damaged by water, they will know exactly what steps need to be taken to dry it successfully. Because of their vast experience with these projects, ServiceMaster will be able to examine your property quickly and figure out the best course of action to extract the water and dry the area.

Technicians working for ServiceMaster are screened thoroughly. They are instructed in the latest techniques for water extraction in a classroom and at a job site. These technicians are all extremely qualified to deal with your flood damage issues.

Here are a variety of things customers can expect when ServiceMaster performs a flood damage project:

– The property owner will be constantly informed about the steps being taken
– Dehumidification and moisture monitoring
– Mold remediation
– Coordination with your insurance provider
– Documentation with photos

– Carpet cleaning
– Available service 24/7, every day of the year
– Deodorize and sanitize
– Water extraction
– Temporary power and climate control

If you ever experience a flooding disaster in your home or business, ServiceMaster will be there when you need them most.