Flood Damage Middletown Pa

Flood Damage Middletown Pa
Flood damage is one of the worst disasters that can strike a home or commercial building. The main reason flooding is considered serious is because of the long term health risks that can develop if the building is not properly restored.

It takes more than cleaning for proper Middletown, Pa flood damage mitigation, which is why it should be done by a reputable company. If ServiceMaster cleans your home or other building after flooding, you can rest assured that mold, mildew and other pathogens will most likely not develop to pollute your indoor air quality.

There are many parts of a home that can be ruined by flood water including:

• Furniture
• Carpets
• Appliances
• Electrical outlets
• Furnaces
• Air conditioning units
• Toilets and other plumbing

Electrical outlets can cause severe shocks and electrocution, and should be repaired by a licensed electrician. Toilets can overflow causing black water to enter floors, ceilings and walls. There are three categories of water including:

• Category 1 – considered clean water and not a threat to humans
• Category 2 – considered grey water that contains microorganism and can cause sickness if ingested by humans
• Category 3 – considered black water that is grossly unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria and other pathogens

All water will develop into black water if it is left too long. This includes dampness in walls, ceilings and floors. This is the main reason why Middletown, Pa flood damage is considered a health risk. ServiceMaster is one of the largest disaster restoration companies in the world and provides restoration for carpets, hard floors and upholstery.

For commercial premises, ServiceMaster minimizes business interruption, so companies can quickly return to pre-disaster conditions. For residential premises, Middletown, Pa flood damage need not be caused by a natural disaster. Even flooding from washing machines, dishwashers and rain water needs to be properly mitigated to prevent the health hazards of contaminated air to develop. A proper inspection of the flooded area is required by professionals who have the technologically advanced equipment to determine dampness in places that cannot be seen. Simply drying the flooded area is not enough.

There are four classes of water damage from slow evaporation to fast evaporation as well as materials affected such as low porosity materials that absorb little water to high porosity materials such as upholstery, carpets and cushions. ServiceMaster will examine all aspects of a water damage area and select the right tools and procedures to remove any hazard.