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Rely on our insurance company vendor programs

In addition to calling ServiceMaster of Greater Harrisburg and West Shore directly at (717) 831-8947 or (800) 545-8929, ServiceMaster Clean® also offers your insurance company a nationwide preferred vendor program (1-800-RESPOND) designed specifically to your standards. This program includes preferred service to your customers, agreed-upon pricing, and one toll free number to access our network of franchisees.

Please see below for the benefits and services that ServiceMaster Clean® can provide for you, your company, and your insureds through the 1-800-RESPOND program.


Satisfied customers

When you refer your customers to our toll-free number, 1-800-RESPOND (1-800-737-7663), they receive quick disaster recovery response in their time of need. With our programs, the claims process takes just a few hours – not days. This quick mitigation response helps to lower the cost of claims and provides customers with fast, professional service.

Peace of mind

Anxious customers dealing with water or fire losses feel better knowing the right help is on the way, and that their lives will get back to normal as quickly as possible.

ServiceMaster Clean® guarantees to answer calls to 1-800-RESPOND (1-800-737-7663) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our network of providers will begin emergency services on-site within two to four hours.


Remote Monitoring

Our nationwide remote monitoring program provides greater efficiency for insurance providers.

The ServiceMaster Clean® remote monitoring program delivers consistent data reporting as well as reliable, real-time data to insurance providers. Put simply, remote monitoring is the next step in the evolution of the science of drying.

Here are examples of the pre-approved mitigation services provided through insurance company vendor programs:

Water Loss

  • Loss site inspection and evaluation
  • Water damage mitigation including extraction services
  • Initiate the drying process
  • Lift/remove wet or damaged carpet
  • Dispose of wet carpet padding
  • Use of air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Move and inspect furniture to facilitate drying of carpet and structure
  • Handle mold in areas of up to 10 square feet

Fire Loss

  • Loss site inspection and evaluation
  • Emergency pre-cleaning (fire mitigation is limited to the pre-cleaning treatment of “at risk” surfaces such as metal, marble or any surface at risk of being etched from the corrosive gasses from the fire)
  • If water is present, accomplish the pre-authorized water procedures
  • Report findings to the adjuster to determine what else may need to be done (pack-out service and/or contents cleaning)

ServiceMaster Clean® has insurance company vendor programs with more than 20 leading insurance companies.  To learn more about this program please contact Curt Mellott or call (717) 831-8947.  ServiceMaster currently has 1-800-RESPOND programs in place with more than 20 leading insurance companies.

What are “Quality Restoration Vendors”?

Make sure your company is part of our QRV 1-800-RESPOND (1-800-737-7663) insurance company vendor program.  Our top team of disaster restoration professionals – known as Quality Restoration Vendors – will arrive in 2 to 4 hours to restore your customer’s home back to normal.  Our quick response and pre-authorized solutions and costs save you time and money.

Among all of the accomplished ServiceMaster Clean® disaster recovery professionals stands a select group of franchisees. These businesses have earned special distinction as Quality Restoration Vendors (QRV), allowing them to participate in our special insurance company vendor programs.

Established in 1991, the ServiceMaster Clean® QRV Network has been a solution for insurance industry professionals in identifying franchisees committed to providing superior, consistent disaster mitigation services.

To earn and maintain QRV certification, each business must:

  • Demonstrate the ability to competently deliver every aspect of the ServiceMaster Clean® service guarantees including accessibility, response time, communications capabilities, quality results, and conscientious safety controls.
  • Employ the utmost integrity in estimating and billing practices.
  • Complete, and commit to continue, employee training programs that keep ServiceMaster Clean® on the cutting edge of effective restoration techniques, products, and technology.
  • Use the proven ServiceMaster Clean® equipment, processes, and products.
  • Perform all services in compliance with ServiceMaster Clean® specifications.
  • Meet or exceed the ServiceMaster Clean® requirements for General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  • Resolve customer service issues swiftly and professionally. Guaranteed.
  • Commit to the ServiceMaster Clean® principles of environmental stewardship.

ServiceMaster Clean® closely monitors all members of the QRV network to ensure complete adherence to its requirements.

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