Mold Damage Assessment

Eliminating Major Mold Concerns

One of the biggest dangers related to flooding and excess moisture in the home is mold.  The spores that can form throughout the structure can lead to serious lung problems for residents. When left unchecked, these spores can even become deadly.  Mold does not have to be visible in order to be potentially dangerous.  Mold and fungi can develop in walls, under carpeting, and along the lining of duct work.  From these areas, it can easily contaminate the air in the interior environment.  When any home or business owner suspects that mold may be an issue on the premises, they should immediately turned to trusted experts for help.
Mold can develop in as little as 48 hours, making it crucial to call Service Masters to your side right away.  It also spreads very quickly due to the oxygen in the air and the cellulose that it feeds on that is found in the vast majority of building materials.  Service Master can use their expertise to determine the extent of mold damage in any area while keeping it from spreading to other areas where it can do further damage.  Conventional cleaners face a large degree of difficulty when it comes to completely destroying mold and eliminating the musty odor that comes with its presence.  The friendly experts working with Service Masters employ advanced technology in order to ensure that every spore is eliminated.  Additionally, they completely purify the air so that the breathing environment is fresh and stable once more.
After the water from flooding has been eliminated, Service Masters comes to the aid of customers by ensuring that no further mold can develop.  They thoroughly dry all of your possessions and the elements of the structure.  Their response is phenomenal, eliminating all moisture that can cause problems in a 24-hour period.  Technicians remove the mold that may have already developed through a process known as Remediation.  Home owners are completely informed of the extend of the mold growth and given all of their options before any work begins.  While Service Masters takes pride in informing their customers of the dangers and treatments that are possible within their home, they also encourage homeowners to take control of their environment by looking into the mold guidebook that is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Every technician that takes part in the remediation process is given extensive training and is tested on the proper procedures for handling spores.  Each job that Service Masters performs comes with the guarantee that any mold encountered will be professionally disposed of with the highest of safety standards in place.