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Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa

  • June 19, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa,
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Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa

Mold Estimate and Remediation Available From ServiceMaster
Because of the numerous health problems with which it is associated, mold removal and prevention has become a major concern among numerous homeowners. Although the substance exists naturally in almost all environments, areas containing high moisture can encourage its growth. Certain structures become breeding grounds for particular types of mold that are known to cause respiratory problems in humans and pets. To prevent these unpleasant effects, it is wise for consumers to obtain a mold estimate from professionals such as those at ServiceMaster.

Causes of Mold Proliferation

Many materials provide a breeding ground for this harmful substance, such as the cellulose found in drywall. However, moisture must be present for mold spores to grow, regardless of the surface on which it is present. For this reason, growth typically begins in damp areas such as basements, laundry rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Homes that have experienced water damage are especially susceptible to mold.

Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa

Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa

Once it begins to grow, nothing will stop mold proliferation unless its water source is removed. This means that homeowners should pay special attention to leaking pipes or other plumbing problems that may create a constant moisture source in the dwelling. It is also wise to run a dehumidifier in areas where moisture is prevalent, such as a damp basement or laundry room.

Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Mold Remediation

Although mold remediation can be completed as a do-it-yourself project, it is almost always a wiser course of action to hire a professional for the task. This is particularly true in cases where substantial amounts of mold are present.

Painting over mold is always unwise. This is because such activity does not eradicate the spores or prevent them from growing in the future. Instead, contaminated items should be sealed in plastic containers or trash bags and disposed of properly. In some cases, such materials are considered hazardous and may need to be transported to a waste collection site that accepts contaminated refuse.

Attempting mold remediation without the help of a professional may also lead to a worse problem. For example, this activity may result in the disturbance of dormant spores, which will subsequently spread the mold to other places in the home. Additionally, most individuals do not have access to professional products and equipment, and subsequently may expose themselves to health hazards while trying to complete the task. Therefore, when in need of a mold estimate and remediation, homeowners should contact a professional at ServiceMaster without delay.

Mold Estimate Harrisburg Pa