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Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa

  • June 22, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa,
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Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa

Hire Professionals for Mold Remediation Services

When you discover mold growth in hidden spaces of a home, it is essential to hire ServiceMaster in Harrisburg, Pa for expert mold remediation services. The removal of mold is a specialized process that requires using industrial-strength equipment and cleansers to destroy the dangerous pathogens. There are many species of mold that grow on surfaces such as insulation or drywall, and the contamination can cause serious health problems such as:

• Respiratory distress
• Sinus headaches
• Skin rashes
• Runny nose
• Watery eyes

While these conditions are uncomfortable, there are worse consequences from some types of mold, including developing a fungal ball in the lungs or damaging your brain’s cognitive abilities.

Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa

Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa

Specialized Cleaning Methods Prevent New Contamination

Attempting to clean your home with chlorine bleach and a scrub brush will not work, and this type of cleaning process leads to having more mold spores in the air that you will breathe. These spores will infest additional areas of your home by traveling through a building’s ventilation system, leading to a more difficult cleanup for technicians. A better plan of action is contacting ServiceMaster in Harrisburg Pa to begin mold remediation processes with eco-friendly cleansers and tools that suction the contamination for proper disposal.

Work Crews Can Tear Away Damaged Materials

First, a mold remediation team tests the spores to determine its species because some varieties require certain cleanup methods. If the mold is located in one area of a home, then a team can seal off the space to avoid contaminating surfaces. When an entire home is infested with mold, the residents must leave while the surfaces are ripped away or sanitized. The work crew will wear protective gear such as goggles and breathing masks while removing contaminated wood paneling or drywall.

Application of Chemicals and Deodorizers

ServiceMaster technicians use vacuuming equipment to suction the mold spores from surfaces and prevent the contamination from entering a home’s ductwork. The goal of a mold remediation team is to return a home to its previous condition, but in some cases, they must remove damaged material such as insulation or wall-to-wall carpets. Walls, ceilings and floors require dry scrubbing to remove mold growth, and the spores are vacuumed immediately to prevent new growth in a different location of a home. The technicians also apply chemicals that eliminate mold spores and deodorizers that reduce foul odors.

Mold Remediation Harrisburg Pa