Mold Remediation

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Any home, no matter now new or attractive, could have mold growing in the walls, basement, or attic. Mold is a harmful substance that instigate allergies or asthma. On particularly toxic type, black mold, can be deadly if its spores are inhaled by humans.

Mold comes from various sources. Often, a crack in the home’s foundation or siding can let rain, sleet, or snow enter the structure and create an open pool of water or collect in the walls or foundation. As mold grows, it can spread throughout the house and be carried through the air by the heating and cooling system.

Fortunately, specialists like ServiceMaster are equipped to deal with mold and provide remediation services to homeowners in need. They will send a skilled, well-trained expert to inspect the property and provide a full, clear, informative report about the extend of any mold damage. The report will also explain the expert’s recommendations for treating and removing the mold, along with a timeline and cost estimate.

Sometimes the surface mold can be treated with an effective spray that kills the spores and keeps mold from spreading. Then the affected area is painted over, re-tiled, or re-carpeted to look like new. In more severe cases the mold may have spread beneath the drywall. In that case the drywall might have to be removed and the moldy areas treated and left to dry. A second treatment may be necessary. Then new drywall will be installed and painted or otherwise finished to blend with the existing finish of the room or area.

The ServiceMaster skilled professional who evaluates the problem will explain what is needed and answer any questions after giving the report. At that point arrangements can be made for mold remediation to ensure the problem does not get worse. An appointment will be scheduled at the homeowner’s convenience, often without disrupting the family’s usual routine on the property.

ServiceMaster has been around for many years and takes pride in its well-known reputation. Providing skilled workers to get the job done quickly and correctly is their goal, and many satisfied homeowners will attest to their success rate. Details are available by contacting ServiceMaster directly.