Sewage Backup Harrisburg Pa

Sewage BackupĀ Harrisburg Pa

House Flooding
Floods are frightening, and the threat floods pose to people is significant. However, floods also pose a number of additional threats. Here are a few of the ways floods can harm people and what homeowners should do to recover from house flooding.

Structural Threats

Unfortunately, house flooding in Harrisburg, Pa, and elsewhere can cause significant structural damage to a home. Houses aren’t built to withstand being submerged, even partially, and flooding can lift a home and shift it. This shifting can also damage a home’s walls and roof, so it’s essential to evacuate if flooding is imminent. Professionals at ServiceMaster can help you find the structural damage caused by flooding and find out how to repair it.

Sewage Backup Harrisburg Pa

Sewage Backup Harrisburg Pa

Mold Damage

Home interiors aren’t designed to withstand water, and flooding can lead to difficult-to-treat mold outbreaks. Because of this, it’s critical to begin drying out a home as quickly as possible to keep mold from growing, and homeowners will need to have inspections from ServiceMaster professionals to look for mold on difficult-to-see parts of the home. While most mold can be treated, time is essential, so it’s important to begin mold remediation as quickly as possible.

Contents of the House

Many items people use simply can’t handle water. Anything made of paper can be ruined by a flood, and family photos and other items might not survive water incursions. Electronic devices are also at risk, as their components can be permanently ruined if they’re submerged. Flood planning involves determining which items you’ll take with you if you have to evacuate from flooding, so make sure you know what to take if flooding strikes.

Long-Term Recovery

In addition to mold, rot can also affect a home long after the waters have receded, so regular inspections are essential for avoiding structural damage. Homeowners will also want to keep an eye on walls and other wood elements as they can warp if they become submerged. Flood waters are typically muddy or otherwise contaminated, so you may need to paint your home if flooding strikes. Experts at ServiceMaster can help you devise a plan to deal with these problems.

Flooding is more common than many imagine, and its unpredictable nature makes it especially threatening. Make sure you know what you’ll do if flooding strikes, and make sure you call qualified experts as quickly as possible to ensure that your home recovers.

Sewage Backup Harrisburg Pa