Sewage Cleanup Harrisburg Pa

Sewage Cleanup Harrisburg Pa

Sewage cleanup is something that just can’t wait. Along with foul odors, sewage from a septic tank backup, clogged sewer line, or overflowing toilet can pose a serious health risk. Sewage is a big problem, but the good news is a Harrisburg, Pa sewage cleanup professional can rapidly remove and disinfect the mess using safe and effective techniques with the right equipment.

Why Sewage Needs Fast Action in Harrisburg, Pa
There are three types of water damage. Clean water is the first category and it comes from a leak or broken water supply line. While this water begins clean, it can turn into contaminated water if it comes in contact with contaminants or sits too long. Category two or gray water is contaminated and it may come from the dishwasher, washing machine, or an overflowing toilet without feces. This water may contain viruses and bacteria and turn into category three water.

Category three or black water is the most dangerous as it can cause death or serious injury if ingested. While untreated sewage like a sewer backup can lead to black water in your home, it can also come from flood water or standing water with microbe growth. Avoid all contact with raw sewage or contaminated water and contact a professional immediately for emergency cleanup.
Sewage Cleanup Harrisburg Pa
A Sewage Backup is Dangerous!
Sewage has hundreds of known biohazards that may spread through contact and even inhalation. Exposure to raw sewage can cause many health problems:

  • Dermatitis
  • Asthma
  • Legionnaire’s disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Eye and skin infections
  • Gastroenteritis

Rather than trying to clean up the mess yourself, call in the professionals. Specially-trained sewage cleanup experts begin by removing and disposing of porous contaminated materials like carpeting that has absorbed the contaminated water. Once all sewage is gone, air movers are brought into the space to move moist air throughout the home so dehumidifiers can remove moisture. This allows your home to dry while preventing mold growth. All nonporous items like tile can be cleaned and disinfected.

Are you dealing with a backed-up sewer line or septic tank backup? Sewage is something you should never try to handle yourself. ServiceMaster will help you clear up the mess and restore your home and lawn without risking your health.

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