Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup

Commercial and Residential Property Sewage Cleanup

Natural floods from overflowing rivers and lakes can lead to sewage entering a building, leading to a dangerous health situation from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. ServiceMaster offers professional sewage cleanup services at commercial and residential properties that meet the standards required to return a building to its previous condition. We have knowledgeable technicians available around-the-clock to arrive promptly to remove sewage caused by overflowing toilets, damaged sewer lines or floods from waterways. Our company advises that customers contact us as quickly as possible when a building needs sewage cleanup to prevent additional moisture damage to the structure.

Technicians Relocate Damaged Furniture to Warehouses

To avoid dangers from electrocution or explosions, our technicians must turn off the power in a building. However, we bring along heavy-duty generators to provide power for sump pumps placed in cellars or basements. The disgusting sewage removed from surfaces is considered hazardous, requiring suctioning into containers for disposal in a safe location. Our trained technicians also begin to use extraction machines to suction filthy sewage from wall-to-wall carpeting, underlying padding and tile. We use specialized cleansers on surfaces to remove pathogens that can cause illnesses in humans and family pets. ServiceMaster can assist with relocating furniture to warehouses where the items are sanitized and dried.

We Perform Air Quality and Surface Tests

Technicians will stay at a building until it is decontaminated completely, allowing customers to return to an environment that is free of dangerous pathogens. We verify that the pathogens from filthy sewage are removed by performing air quality and surface tests. Throughout the sewage cleanup process, ServiceMaster employees wear biohazard gear such as goggles, boots and suits to avoid skin contamination from parasites. In addition to making sure items in a building are cleaned thoroughly, technicians must remove moisture before it enters walls and ceilings to cause damage to electrical wiring and insulating materials.

Technicians Apply Environmentally Safe Chemicals

Sewage cleanup is often a complicated process to remove animal and human waste that can cause lethal diseases. ServiceMaster strives to follow the recommendations of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification program that offers valuable training for emergency cleanups. Using commercial sewage cleanup equipment and sanitizing agents rather than common household bleach and vacuums is recommended. Before leaving a building damaged by sewage, we apply environmentally safe chemicals to destroy mold spores and eliminate odors.