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Smoke Cleanup Harrisburg Pa

  • July 15, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Smoke Cleanup Harrisburg Pa,
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Smoke Cleanup Harrisburg Pa

Smoke damage can occur in a home or in a business when a fire has occurred. It is important that any property is quickly and properly cleaned to ensure minimum damage. This damage doesn’t have to occur because of a building fire, however; there are also cases of smoke damage around fireplace flues and where there may have been a kitchen flare-up or the spark of an electrical fire. The amount of immediate damage varies, from charred walls to simply a smokey odor. It is important to clean these symptoms up, though, or else you risk having further damage or even property loss.
Smoke Cleanup Harrisburg Pa
Properly Cleaning Up Smoke Damage
ServiceMaster provides customers with smoke cleanup services. We have 87 years of experience and use workers who respond quickly and work efficiently with the best tools. We understand the great attention to detail smoke cleanup requires. The first major step is to ventilate the space and vacuum around the property. If there has been a very recent incident, the fire should be out or the flue should be open. Ventilating the building then helps to mitigate the damage caused by lingering smoke. Deep cleaning the areas affected is also key. Some things will not be salvageable, but other things can be salvageable so long as they are properly cleaned when first uncovered. All surfaces must be scrubbed clean from the soot that clings to it because soot has the ability to destroy surfaces as it continues to sit on them. Even clothing or materials like drapes should be washed thoroughly to prevent discoloration. These steps are simple if you have the right tools and a trained crew, but the effort can end up saving you a considerable amount of money in the end.

If you’re looking for someone capable of smoke cleanup in Harrisburg, Pa, don’t forget to check with ServiceMaster first. We are nationwide and known for our quality of service. We cover all kinds of damages to houses or other buildings, including smoke damage and also water damage. We understand the importance of rapid responses for our services as a way to help customers salvage as much property as possible in the event of a disaster due to fire or water. At ServiceMaster, we know how stressful such devastation of property can be, so we maintain courteous staff on customer service lines. Have smoke to clean? Call ServiceMaster.

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