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Smoke Damage Harrisburg Pa

  • July 18, 2016
  • by ServiceMaster Harrisburg
  • Smoke Damage Harrisburg Pa,
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Smoke Damage Harrisburg Pa

If a fire has occurred in a home or business, addressing the smoke damage caused will be a critical step in repairing any damaged property. Both fire and smoke damage cause devastation to both personal property as well as structures. Quick response to the issue is necessary for minimizing destruction as restoration costs can increase as damage worsens in delayed response. ServiceMaster is a leader in timely response with the skilled employees, necessary tools, and experience needed to fix any smoke damage caused as soon as possible.

How Smoke Damage Devastates Property
As soon as a fire has occurred, a residue of soot can settle on any property left behind. If the soot settles on porous surfaces, this damage is permanent. However, non-porous surfaces can be restored if properly cleaned in a timely manner that will prevent discoloration. This damage can begin within hours of a fire or smoke damage. Although some wooden surfaces like furniture or floors may need a subsequent refinishing, cleaning them correctly and quickly will ensure the least damage is done. Metal surfaces are also subject to rusting, pitting, or corroding. Surfaces that are painted, including walls and ceiling, are prone to yellowing. Even clothing can become stained permanently.
Smoke Damage Harrisburg Pa
Why You Need Rapid Response
If smoke damage has occurred on your property, you need to have the area properly cleaned as quickly as possible. Letting hours pass without addressing the soot on your property will result in a number of further damages to the property and surfaces. Letting damage continue will result in more expense down the road. Not only will property face increased damage with time, but some of that property will become unsalvageable. Property that is still salvageable will become more difficult to clean. A delayed response therefore results in more lost property and more labor hours to clean what could have been prevented if it was addressed quickly.

ServiceMaster responds to smoke damage nationwide. We also respond to damage in Harrisburg, Pa Should you or someone you know need services to clean the damage caused by a fire or smoke, know that you can trust ServiceMaster and its 87 years of experience. Our employees are well-equipped to respond to your needs, completely trained, and thoroughly experienced. Our customer service strives to provide the fastest and most pleasant response to your needs. Always call ServiceMaster for your smoke damage needs!

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