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Soot Cleaning Hanover Pa

  • January 8, 2015
  • by SMM Fan
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Soot Cleaning Hanover Pa

When people think of fires, they usually think of buildings being burned down and the contents destroyed. However, there are other types of damage that a fire can cause. Damage from soot is a troublesome result of fires that needs to be dealt with if you have a fire at your home or business. Once a fire has finished burning, soot will be found on surfaces throughout the structure. In fact, soot will often be found in areas that were nowhere near the actual fire. ServiceMaster has years of experience removing soot from homes and business after a fire. In fact, they offer a wide range of fire restoration services to help victims of this tragic event get their lives back on track.

In the aftermath of a fire, if soot is not dealt with right away, it can become permanently etched into the surfaces it comes into contact with. ServiceMaster will start working right away to protect the items in your home or business that are most prone to becoming permanently damaged by soot. They have the knowledge and equipment to completely remove all soot from such porcelain items as showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks. Objects made of crystal, glass, ceramic and metal can all be effectively cleaned so they look like new.

Once ServiceMaster completes a pre-cleaning, they will also perform a full cleaning consisting of hydroxyls, ozone cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. The surfaces that were affected will have a protective coating applied to them that will help to protect them from any damage in the future resulting from caustic acids. These acids have been known to permanently destroy delicate finishes. After a fire, you must get the soot removal process started as soon as possible. This is because soot that is acidic and caustic will start damaging your possessions immediately. If too much time is allowed to pass, this soot damage will become permanent.

If you experience a fire in your home or business, do not let the items that were spared from the fire become permanently damaged from soot. Contact ServiceMaster immediately so they can begin to assess the amount of soot damage you have experienced. They will develop a game plan to go about cleaning everything in the quickest and most affordable way possible. ServiceMaster has helped thousands of people recover from the devastation of a fire. Their courteous and professional staff will always be there when you need them.