Storm Flooding Restoration

Storm Flooding Restoration

When a major storm rages outside, flood waters can rise quickly and often unexpectedly. You may not have time to react to rising waters in the home. In some cases, flooding may occur in a basement, but it may not impact the main area of the home. In other cases, flood waters may rise several inches or even feet inside the home. Whether you are dealing with standing flood water in the home or the water has receded to reveal a muddy mess, you can reach out to our professionals at ServiceMaster for fast, effective storm flooding restoration service.

What Our Skilled Team Will Do
At the first sign of storm-related flooding in your home, you can contact our skilled team of restoration experts at ServiceMaster for assistance. We are committed to helping you address your current issues with the best results possible, and one way that we accomplish this is by working efficiently to respond to your request for service. The first priority when addressing a water issue is drying out the home. If necessary, we will use water remediation techniques to remove all water and moisture from the impacted area. This will decrease the risk for more damage and for potential mold growth. Then, we will begin restoring the area so that it returns to its former condition.

What to Expect From Professional Restoration

Through ServiceMaster, you can expect our team to salvage the items that remain in good condition and to repair or replace the ones that are not. We understand your desire to keep costs low, but we also understand that you want to eliminate any signs of the flooding event. We will handle all aspects of the restoration, from the tear out or removal of damaged walls, floors and other areas to hauling away waste and installing new features. We want to help you improve the condition of your home after a major storm floods your space.

Major storms can and do occur in every location, they can wreak havoc. Even areas that are not prone to flooding may be impacted during very severe storms with torrential rains. ServiceMaster wants to help you overcome the devastation that has occurred in your home as a result of the storm, and we are ready to head to your home soon to assess the damage and to begin the restoration process. Contact ServiceMaster today to request your first appointment with us.