Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

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The Sad Necessity of Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

Life is not always as kind as it should be, and sometimes, the tragedies that affect our lives leave some lingering consequences. Things like murders, suicides and accidental deaths affect the physical world as well as the emotional world, and the fact that a home needs to be cleaned after trauma often feels like adding insult to injury. However, the facts remain what they are, and when a home needs to be cleaned after trauma or accident, it is always best to turn to the pros.
After trauma, the stains are organic in nature. That means that they are considered toxic, and it is possible to make the cleaner and the people who live in the home afterward very sick if the cleanup is not conducted in the appropriate manner. Fluids and matter from a human body carry dangerous pathogens that it is impossible for regular cleaners to take care of, and in some areas, it is actually illegal for a private citizen without training to take care of the matter on their own. To keep you and your family healthy, you need to talk to a professional.
Emotional Benefits
When a trauma happens in your home, think of it as a rock dropping into a pool of water. There is the initial large splash, but after that there are ripples that circle ever outwards, disrupting water that never touched the stone at all. After a trauma, there are many emotional effects that are touching you and everyone in your household. You may still be in shock about how the trauma occurred, or you might be in a place where you are beginning the grieving process.
No matter what emotional stage you are going through (and all of the emotions that you are feeling right now are legitimate and natural), you do not need the added trauma of cleaning up a crime scene. You may have been very close with the person affected, and the cleanup required may be something that harms you if you have to do it.
After a trauma, you need to take care of yourself if you are going to take care of anyone else, and that means letting the professionals do their work.
When your household has undergone a trauma of some sort, take a moment to consider ServiceMaster. We have years of experience in cleaning up after a trauma, and when you engage our services, you know you will be coming home to a clean slate!