Tree Removal

Tree Removal

A tree can be a liability or it can be an asset but to find this out, there needs to be a tree risk assessment performed by a professional. Sometimes, during the assessment, issues like
diseases and damage are uncovered. If these issues are beyond repair, then tree removal is the next course of action. Professional arborists and tree removal companies like us at ServiceMaster can help you to avoid the rookie mistakes that tree removal entails. We have professional tools, equipment and expert arborists who are certified, trained and qualified to do their job. Here are a few areas where we can help you –

Stump Removal – Apart from removing a tree, you might also want to hire our services for stump removal. You can have the stump removed whether it is rotting or healthy.

Limb Chipping – The limbs of the trees can either be hauled away or you can choose to get them chipped. We have a chipper available with us for this very problem.

Tree Trunk Removal – This is one of the basic services included. We understand that you would want the tree trunk to be cut into small sections. In this way, you can easily have it hauled away or you can use it as firewood – depending on the health of the tree. If you want us to haul it away for you, that can be arranged as well.

Log Splitting – If you have a working fireplace and want this extra service, it can be readily arranged with the help of our tree removal services. The log splitting machine would help you get some much needed wood for your fire.

Why Choose ServiceMaster?

Years of Experience – Our company name does us justice because we are here to serve all your little needs. Even with tree removal, we have an extensive experience and you would be satisfied by our services.

Certified Arborists – Our staff includes certified arborists who would not only aid in proper removal of your tree but will also ensure that the tree is diseased enough to be removed.

Professional Equipment – We use state of the art tree removal equipment for our works,

Accurate Pricing – Our prices are accurate and the estimates are always competitive. There are no surprises when you hire ServiceMaster for professional tree removal.

If you want to hire our tree removal services, you should call us now. You can also email us or use the contact form on the website.