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Water Damage Hanover Pa

  • December 16, 2014
  • by SMM Fan
  • Water Damage Hanover Pa,
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Water Damage Hanover Pa

Call a Professional Company
When water damage occurs in a building, call a professional team with the correct equipment and knowledge to make repairs. At ServiceMaster in Cityname, State, our service vans are ready round-the-clock to make repairs at residential and commercial properties. No matter whether the leaking water is from an overflowing toilet or flooding lake, the damage needs fast repair to avoid additional problems. Buildings with water damage should have utilities turned off to prevent electrical shocks or natural gas explosions. Amateurs should never attempt to suction moisture from surfaces with common household vacuum cleaners due to dangers of falling on slippery surfaces.

Technicians Remove Water from Basements
Our ServiceMaster technicians near Hanover, Pa begin by assessing the situation to devise a plan for an efficient water damage cleanup. We begin by setting up powerful generators to operate equipment such as extraction machines and sump pumps. A sump pump is vital for removing standing water from lower levels of a building such as crawl spaces or basements. Removing this water quickly helps to prevent moisture from absorbing into walls to creep up to higher levels. By suctioning this moisture immediately, the foundation of a building is less likely to incur serious damage.

Repairing Water Damage on Carpets
The fibers of wall-to-wall carpeting that is water damaged will contain pathogens such as viruses and bacteria from sewage. To remove moisture from carpets, ServiceMaster employees by Hanover, Pa, use industrial-strength extraction machines to suction debris from fibers. An important part of this cleaning process is lifting the carpets to repair underlying layers such as padding and tile. Technicians focus on removing water located near baseboards to prevent damage to the insulation and electrical wiring inside walls. To ensure surfaces dry faster, fans are installed to reduce humidity and circulate air. This helps to prevent mold spores from growing and mildew odors from developing.

Applications of Mold Destroying Chemicals
For buildings with undamaged areas, ServiceMaster technicians close to Hanover, Pa seal off the spaces with plastic sheeting to avoid contamination. In addition to removing moisture from fibers, our employees understand how to care for wood surfaces that warp or discolor when wet. We concentrate on drying cabinets and flooring to avoid decayed wood that degrades rapidly. Throughout the water damage repair process, we apply environmentally friendly chemicals to eliminate pathogens such as mold that can reduce the air quality in a building.