Water Damage Middletown Pa

Water Damage Middletown Pa

Water damage in Middletown, Pa is one of the most dangerous problems for a house or commercial property. Because it can go for months without being noticed, it can develop into a very serious issue. Water damage will not only saturate the structure of a building causing it to decay and become weak, it also provides the environment for mold, mildew, fungi and other pathogens to grow. This will have a very detrimental effect on the indoor air quality.

There are several different reasons for water damage. Flooding from natural disasters or a burst pipe that floods the basement are obvious issues, but plumbing leaks are not so obvious and can be just as damaging. ServiceMaster has the equipment to find water damage in your Middletown, Pa home or office that is hidden from an ordinary inspection. Professionals will identify the moisture sources and evaluate the damage, contain it and dry everything, so the mold will not return.

Stains on the ceiling and damp places on walls or carpets where nothing has been spilled are usually caused by a leak in the structure of the home such as the roof or in the plumbing. There are three categories of water:

Category One is clean waste that is not threat a to humans. This is clean water that may come from a broken pipe in the kitchen or bathroom or from a water supply line.

Category Two is called grey water and has contaminants that will cause illness to humans. It has micro-organisms and comes from the waste water of showers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Category Three is black water and it is grossly unsanitary. It contains harmful bacteria and other pathogens and usually contains sewage. Toilet water is Category Three even if it looks clean.

The main reason water damage is so dangerous is because any water, even pure drinking water, can become black water if it goes untreated for long.

There are many different methods for restoring water damaged buildings depending on the category of water and how long it was stagnant. For example, carpet that has been wet with Category One water for less than 48 hours can usually be saved. However, if the water was from sewage, the carpet may need to be replaced.

If you believe you have water damage Middletown Pa inside your walls or floor, call ServiceMaster by Middletown, Pa. We’ll examine your house and recommend treatment for the type of damage we find.