Water Damage Steelton Pa

Water Damage Steelton Pa

Water is essential to life, but it also is an enemy to your carpet, furniture, and drywall. Water Damage near Steelton, Pa has, unfortunately, a history of extreme weather events that have resulted in flooding of homes and businesses. If you experience water damage in Steelton, Pa, you are fortunate to be just a phone call away from one of the most reputable flooding remediating companies the country. Because disaster can strike at any time, ServiceMaster is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The faster you remove the water from your home, the more valuables you’ll likely be able to salvage. The faster you get the water out, the less structural damage will result. Don’t mess around – call ServiceMaster.

Why Trust ServiceMaster?
ServiceMaster has a long history of success working to help home and business owners recover from disasters of all types. Hospitals, Universities, and even the Pentagon have called on ServiceMaster to oversee their disaster remediation and cleanup. ServiceMaster can put these same skills to use in your home.

It is true that ServiceMaster has been instrumental in cleaning up huge disasters such as those resulting from Hurricane Katrina. But ServiceMaster also knows that an overflowing washing machine or dishwasher or busted pipe is every bit as devastating to the homeowner who comes home and finds a flood in their house. No water damage cleanup job is too large or too small for ServiceMaster.

Additionally, ServiceMaster does much more than simply vacuum out water and dry out carpets. The company offers pack-out service to remove your belongings so they do not become further damaged. It offers construction services to reverse the results of water damage. It even offers on-site repair of wood furniture and fixtures and on-site cabinet refacing. Water damage affects everything and ServiceMaster can help you salvage as much as possible.

Efficient and Effective
When you call ServiceMaster to handle your water damage emergency, it is like calling an ambulance to get help after a car wreck. ServiceMaster is trained to mobilize quickly. Every team member knows that time is of the essence and that every minute counts. Make the smart choice and keep ServiceMaster on speed dial so you are prepared in the event of a weather event or appliance or pipe malfunction that causes water damage by Steelton Pa in your home.