Water Extraction Lebanon Pa

Water Extraction Lebanon Pa

When you need Water Extraction Lebanon Pa services, some people try to perform the water extraction themselves. They bail out the basement with buckets, mop up the puddles and drag the furniture outside to dry in the sun. Eventually, everything looks dry, and they congratulate themselves on taking care of the problem without hiring anyone.

They don’t know it yet, but their problems are only beginning. Moisture can lurk in walls, flooring and furniture for months, encouraging long-term problems:

Microorganisms and Fungi

Dormant microorganisms and fungal spores are everywhere in the environment, and even a tiny amount of moisture is enough to start them growing. When flood water soaks into wall cavities, basements and furniture cushions, these organisms start their metabolic process, which involves excreting gases and particulates as waste products.

The homeowner’s first clue that something is wrong is a foul smell. Soon after, black splotches appear on the walls and begin spreading. This is more than an inconvenience, since many people have flu-like allergy symptoms from these growths. Burning eyes, nasal irritation, sinus headaches, coughing and sneezing are common symptoms and may persist for months after flooding.

Insects and Rodents

Water also draws these pests. Puddles lingering in wall cavities can keep them supplied for months, and once the pests are established, they will find plenty of food in the house. Having located this convenient supply of food and water, they are extremely hard to eradicate.

Besides raiding your pantry, these little nuisances will literally eat your home. Building materials like sheet rock, plaster and insulation are edible to insects; termites love plant cellulose; and mice find fiber insulation an attractive bedding material, once it’s been torn to shreds.

Water Extraction Lebanon Pa

The Answer is Water Extraction

A professional clean-up service like ServiceMaster in Lebanon, Pa can prevent this cycle. Since water has different thermal properties from dry material, thermal mapping equipment can detect all the places it’s hiding.

Once it has been located, industrial-strength water extraction equipment can draw it out and leave the material dry to the core. Wall cavities can be investigated for puddles, and openings can be sealed up to prevent this from happening again.

ServiceMaster has the equipment, know-how and experience to get your home back to normal after a flood. With them, you know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later.

Water Extraction Lebanon Pa