Water Extraction Middletown Pa

Water Extraction Middletown Pa Services

Anyone living in Middletown, Pa experiencing a plumbing disaster in their home or business should contact ServiceMaster for professional water extraction services. Having water pipes burst, appliance hoses leak or toilets overflow in a building can cause serious damage to carpeting and walls. Leaking moisture moves quickly to internal structures such as electrical wiring and insulation layers. When this situation occurs, homeowners and property managers need trained technicians who arrive promptly to begin water extraction repair. ServiceMaster has trained experts ready on a 24-hour basis to bring equipment to a business or home to efficiently remove moisture from all surfaces.

Specialized Equipment

Quality water extraction for Middletown, Pa requires using specialized equipment such as heavy-duty suctioning machines to remove moisture from a building’s carpeting, padding and tile. Property managers and homeowners should never attempt to remove water from surfaces with household vacuum cleaners due to the dangers of electrocution. In addition to removing flooding water from a building with industrial-strength machinery, a technician must apply chemicals to destroy pathogens that grow mold. Mold spores are typically on many surfaces in a home including between walls, under flooring and in ductwork. When ServiceMaster employees arrive at a building, they will install air circulation systems to reduce humidity levels.

Powerful Generators

Fast water extraction service by a qualified team can prevent additional damage to a building’s cement foundation and wooden frame. If a home or business has a crawl space, cellar or basement, then the technicians will use a generator powered pump to remove water. In many flooded buildings, there is no power from either gas or electric utility companies due to the dangers of fires or explosions. A ServiceMaster servicing Middletown, Pa will have an assortment of powerful generators ready to operate their machinery to complete water restoration repairs in private residences and commercial properties.

Chemical Applications

Working in a flooded building is often dangerous due to the risks of falling on slippery floors or breathing mold. A ServiceMaster technician wears protective gear to avoid injuries throughout the water extraction process. After arriving at a building, the technicians remove furniture and draperies to prevent additional moisture damage. Technicians also apply chemicals to prevent foul odors on damp surfaces. The certified experts understand how to care for special surfaces in a home including wood flooring and cabinets. Immediate water extraction from wood surfaces helps to prevent discoloration and warping. Need help for Water Extraction in Middletown, Pa.  Give us a call today