Water Extraction Palmyra Pa

Water Extraction Palmyra Pa

Whatever the cause, excess water can jeopardize the integrity and safety of a business or residence. A professional water extraction Palmyra Pa and restoration service has the technicians and equipment to provide water cleanup, dehumidification and mold remediation. ServiceMaster has been providing disaster response services for more than 50 years. Don’t allow excess water to damage your property or health. Contact a ServiceMaster representative by Palmyra, Pa, and a trained technician will arrive in less than four hours.

Prompt Assessment

There’s no time to waste when excess water from a leak, flood, overflow or fire puts your business or home at risk. A ServiceMaster professional will promptly assess your water emergency and recommend a cost effective restoration strategy. Not only will ServiceMaster personnel handle all communication with your insurance company, they offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee .

When an apartment complex, warehouse, residential dwelling or business facility is inundated with water, time is money. Only a trained water extraction and restoration expert knows how to respond to a water disaster. Standing water will ruin building materials, flooring and furnishings if the problem isn’t remediated right away. ServiceMaster uses specially equipped water extraction vehicles to remove unwanted water before it’s too late. Specially designed water pumps and equipment are also available to efficiently extract excess water from high rise buildings and underground facilities.

Water Removal and Cleanup

What are you going to do with that soaked carpet? ServiceMaster technicians have the answer. Depending on how long the carpet was saturated with water, the age and condition of the carpet and lab analysis results, a technician will determine whether restoration or replacement is indicated. High quality carpeting can still be restored even after three days of water saturation.

Restoration of flooring materials will also depend on the type and temperature of water involved. If the saturation was caused by black water, sewage water for instance, special procedures for handling hazardous materials will be necessary. Timely removal of water from wood flooring can prevent cupping and crowning caused by excessive expansion. It’s not unusual for ServiceMaster technicians to arrive in two hours or less.

Mold Remediation

ServiceMaster technicians specialize in water extraction and mold remediation. Mold spores require oxygen and moisture to grow. ServiceMaster can remove excess moisture and remediate mold growth to ensure the health of your family, employees or tenants. Contact the service center water extraction Palmyra Pa nearby and receive the necessary restoration services.