Water Extraction Steelton Pa

Water Extraction Steelton, Pa

One of the first things experienced by anyone who has gone through a flood is a sense of loss. Without warning, a sump pump can break down, a frozen pipe can burst, or sewers can back up, damaging valued possessions and threatening the home or place of business. For Water Extraction by Steelton Pa, Quick help is needed, because the longer standing water remains in the building, the more damage it can cause to the building structure.

The goal of ServiceMaster by Steelton Pa is to bring your home or business back to normal, back to the way it was before the flood occurred. Water extraction and building restoration is a comprehensive process, involving several services rolled into one. ServiceMaster near Steelton, Pa is a water extraction expert, professionally trained to provide all the services needed to restore not only the building where you live or work, but your peace of mind as well. Our comprehensive process includes, but is not limited to:

Water Removal And Safe Disposal Complete Cleaning And Restoration Services

  • Dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Temperature and Power Control
  • Inventory Control

We also provide dry cleaning services, content packing and storage, and many other services that may be needed or requested on an individual basis, for complete restoration of the premises. ServiceMaster has the specialized equipment to remove even large amounts of water in a flood. We also have the equipment to remove water from high rise buildings or other difficult areas. Once the surface water has been removed from a building, we use the latest technology to detect hidden pockets of water damage, such as residual moisture below the sub-floor and within walls. We then use an extensive dehumidification process to remove the moisture from such areas, so that mold has no chance to grow.

ServiceMaster has a quick response team that is dedicated to providing water extraction services in Steelton, Pa as soon as possible in an emergency. Our licensed and insured service technicians are not only carefully pre-screened and chosen, but trained on an ongoing basis in the latest water damage mitigation techniques. As our customer you can be assured that you will receive the best service possible at your home or business. In many cases we can save the building structure and contents, but if reconstruction is needed, we are happy to coordinate our work schedule with other trades for a timely result. We will also work with your insurance carrier as necessary.  Really there is only one company to call for Water Extraction in Steelton Pa and that is ServiceMaster.